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 Humanism in different Cultures
 Contributions to the Humanist Culture
 Humanist Perspectives
 Introduction to the Economy of the New Humanism


 The Budist Humanism and the New Humanism, Milan 1998, S. Puledda
 Social and personal crisis at the present moment: Proposals of the Islam and Proposals of the New Humanism; Milan 1997, S. Puledda
 Speech held with occasion of the Presenting Act of the Campaign "2000 Without War", Madrid 1996, S. Puledda
 The Globalization: A threat to cultural diversity?, New York 2000, S. Puledda
 The Crisis of the historic Humanism and the New Humanism, Rome 1996, S. Puledda
 What is the New Humanism?, Paris 1999, S. Puledda


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International Federation of Human Support

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 Animated Infography on Self-Liberation