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 Records 1. Annual Meeting Assembly - Mar del Plata, 09.01.2001
 Records 2. Annual Meeting Assembly - Madrid, 07.01.2002
 Records Extraordinary Meeting Assembly, Virtual 15.07.2002
 Records 3. Annual Meeting Assembly - Virtual, 15.01.2003
 Records 4. Annual Meeting Assembly - Virtual, 15.01.2004
 Records 5. Annual Meeting Assembly - Virtual, 13.01.2005
 Records 6. Annual Meeting Assembly - Virtual, 16.01.2006


 Commission 1: Study of the antecedents of strategic alignments, 31.01.2001
 Commission 2: Technology of communications for the Assembly, 24.03.2001
 Commission 3: Genetic engineering, Euthanasia, the current state of the question, 15.05.2002
 Commission 4: Translations, 30.05.2002
 Commission 5: Virtual communications, Operation of the Mail List, Web Page, Web of Materials, 19.12.2002
 Commission 6: On the format of the next virtual meeting and the Delegate General Coordinator's election, 31.10.2002
 Commission 7: Patent on Life, 15.05.2002
 Commission 8: Report Legal and Illegal Drugs, 15.12.2002
 Commission 9: Agenda and Development of the Virtual Meeting of the Assembly, 05.01.2003
 Commission 10: Formation of Coordinating Bodies of the Humanist Movement, by countries, 15.12.2002
 Commission 11: On the combined action in next two years, 15.12.2002
 Commission 12: On the usage of languages in the works of the Assembly 15.03.2003
 Commission 13: Circulation of materials in New Formats 09.06.2003
 Commission 14: About Action Fronts 28.06.2003
 Commission 15: Importance and Ways of Working of the Regionals in the Present Moment 22.12.2003
 Commission 16: Agenda of the Meeting in January 22.12.2003
 Commission 17: Agenda of the Meeting in January 2005, 20.12.2004
 Commission 18: Launching of Our Three Organisms in Risky Countries 27.07.2005
 Commission 19: Commission on the Center of Cultures 19.08.2005
 Commission 20: "Commissions"
 Commission 21: Agenda Commission January 2006 - Annex
 Commission 22: Mechanisms of coordination and ways of working of the regionals and their relation with the Humanist International
 Commission 23: Commission of Rapid Action in front of social and/or natural disasters
 Commission 24: Commission about Sexual Orientation
 Commission 25: World Nuclear Disarmament
 Commission 27: Forum Formats
 Commission 28: In the situation of a headless autonomous council